Buying right is important.
But knowing when and why to sell is equally important.

Do You Know What’s Your Best Option After Selling?

Most of the time when clients approach us to sell their property, they don’t really have a concrete plan on what to do next. When we ask them what’s your plan? Most of them aren’t able to give us a confident response.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that those who responded confidently are making the right decisions.

Therefore, what we always do when we handle our sellers is to firstly identify the reasons why they’re selling the property. Next, we will identify their current needs & objectives and work out their finances in detail so as to provide them with solutions best suited to their requirements.

Only when we have a concrete plan on hand will we start to market the unit with intent and push for the best closing price for our clients.

Selling Your Property With Dedication & Commitment

1. Home Styling

Depending on the condition of the property, we will discuss with you if a professional home staging is required or not. If the property is still looking good, then a simple tidying up and decluttering will be good to go. The idea is to showcase the unit in the best manner possible. First impression counts!

2. Professional Phototaking & Editing

After going through the hard work of dolling up the unit, now it’s time for some phototaking! Nicely taken and edited photos are proven to attract buyers and more buyers mean higher chance of getting your ideal selling price!

3. Video / VR360 Virtual Tour

Embracing technology in our business, we will also create a video or VR360 Virtual Home Tour for your unit so that it will capture the attention of buyers and call us up to arrange for a physical viewing!

4. Marketing On Major Property Platforms

Exposure is most important when it comes to marketing and be rest assured that your unit will be seen in all major property portals in Singapore.

5. Marketing On Social Media Platforms

Other than advertising on just major property portals, we also expand our marketing reach to social media platforms!

6. Viewings Presentation & Strategies

Conducting a viewing is not just telling buyers what the size of the unit is or how much money was put into renovation. We take every viewing seriously, emphasizing and highlighting to buyers the plus points of the unit, leaving them with good positive impressions of the unit so that every viewing can be a potential closing opportunity.

7. Skilled Negotiation to Protect Your Price

With years of experience in this industry, we have the knowledge and skillset to protect your price during negotiation. Be rest assured that your property will be sold at the best terms possible.

8. Smooth Transition to Your Next Property

After concluding the sale of your property, we will ensure that the transition to your next property will be a smooth and seamless process. We are not here just to do a one time deal. We’re here to build a relationship with our clients, creating value for you at every phase of your property journey.

Selling a property is never just luck. It is dedication and commitment.

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