Statistics & Market Data at our fingertips.
Making well informed decisions.

Home Report for Your Current Property

We provide our clients with fully personalised home reports so that you can have a good idea on the indicative valuation of your current property.

Latest Sales & Rental Transactions

Subscribing to Squarefoot research, we have all the latest sales and rental transactions at our fingertips. Data is crucial in decision making and we ensure that we have them ready anytime for our clients.

Latest Market Trends (HDB vs EC vs Private)

Are you aware how the HDB / EC / Private Price Indexes have performed for the past 10 years? Let us share these information and our insights with you so that you’ll be making better decisions with your property.

Latest URA Master Plan 2019

Which location should you be looking for capital appreciation? Is it the same location if looking for rental yield? All the answers are actually in our Master Plan and we put in a huge amount of time and effort to study the Master Plan so as to give our clients the best advises going forward into the years ahead.

In Depth Projects Comparison

How is Project A different from Project B? They’re side-by-side but how come they’re priced so differently? Which project will be a better investment? Rather than pondering over these questions for days without answers, why not talk to us? We are always available to address all your concerns and answer all your questions.

Making The Best Decision

By knowing the indicative valuation of your current property, having the latest transaction data at your fingertips, understanding the latest market trends, knowing how Singapore will be shaping going into the years ahead and knowing which are the right projects to go into, do you suddenly feel that you’re now able to make a much better decision than before?

We’ve already done all the ground work for you. Don’t you want to know what we know?

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