Comfort? Family Plans? Investment?
Every property purchase should have it’s purpose.

Are You Facing Any of these Concerns?

Our combined income isn't that high. Is it really possible for us to upgrade?

We have to be frank, it’s not feasibly possible for all home owners to upgrade. Only by assessing your finances will we be able to know if you’re suitable to upgrade or not. We’ll only encourage our clients to upgrade only if they have the capacity to do so.

What if one of us loses our job? It will be a disaster if we need to force sell our property isn't it?

Nope. This has not happened to any of our clients and it will not happen to you too even if both of you loses your jobs (touch wood). Reason why we can be so confident is because during the financial planning stage, we always set aside a Safety Net Fund which can last at least 3 to 5 years of your mortgage payments just in case something unpredictable happens.

Even if our finances are ok. What's the point in upgrading? We're contented staying in a HDB.

If we’re just looking at comfort, yes you’re right, the differences really aren’t that big living in a HDB vs a Private. However, do you know that HDB prices has been on the downtrend over the past 10 years? If you can improve your quality of life, yet at the same time grow your wealth through your property, it doesn’t make sense for you not to consider this option isn’t it?

My friend who bought a private previously lost a lot of money. I'm not convinced to do the switch.

Property in itself is an investment and there are always stories of people making or losing money. Haven’t you also heard of people buying a HDB and end up with negative sales? What we’re trying to bring across is homework needs to be done and in depth research needs to be carried out so that we will be making correct and informed decisions. We will also share with you the market trends of HDB vs EC vs Private over the past 10 years period to show you why holding onto a HDB is not a wise decision.

Market is not doing that great. Is it even the right time to buy now?

This is one of the hottest topics and so many seminars are given just on this topic alone. Make an appointment with us and we will go through this topic with you exclusively to let you know why it is not that important to time your entry for Singapore’s property market. The biggest mistake is ironically, keep waiting and not doing anything.

Over Our Appointment, We Will

01. Address Your Concerns

02. Help You Understand The Markets

03. Find Out Your Needs & Objectives

04. Assessing Your Finances

05. Explore Your Options & Strategies

06. Identify Your Best Option Going Forward

07. Safety Net Planning

08. Exit Strategy

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