Why settle for less for perhaps the biggest purchase in your life?
Living in comfort with capital appreciation is possible.

Condominiums / Apartments / Landed

Living in a private is a dream for most Singaporeans and a sign that we’re doing well in our career. However, it is actually not so much about the feel good factor on why we educate our clients to upgrade their property. To us, the main purpose for upgrading is to allow our property to work for us, allowing us to create wealth through property and being able to plan for real retirement in future.

Your Dream May Not Be That Far Away

With the high cost of living in Singapore, most of us feel that it is mission impossible to upgrade to a private. This is the part where a lot of people fail to understand that property is actually an investment so as long as the property you’re planning to purchase is liquid and you’ve done a proper financial assessment with years of safety net planned, you’ll be surprised that you may also be able to upgrade your lifestyle, living in comfort and yet growing your wealth at the same time with minimal stress on your finances.

Private Resale Processes & Timeline

Having handled so many upgrading cases for our clients, the entire upgrading process, how we plan personalized timeline for our clients is like a walk in the park for us. Any doubts or questions you may have we are confident that we have the right answer for you and we will ensure that every part of your upgrading process is well taken care of, allowing you to upgrade confidently, comfortably and safely.

Private Home Owners Upgrading Strategies

Thinking of getting a 2nd or 3rd property but not willing to pay ABSD? Stuck with non-performing properties but not sure what to do next? Curious to know what other property investors are doing? Have a discussion with us and we will show you what you’ve been missing. Not just empty talks, we will present to you real solutions with figures to show you exactly what you can do to further upgrade your property portfolio.

Latest Transaction Data & Market Analysis

Which is the District with highest transactions volume? Should I be going into CCR / RCR / OCR? Is near MRT really that important? With the latest transactions data and market statistics at our fingertips, together with our time and effort spent in analyzing the government’s Master Plan, you can be assured that you will be making correct and well informed decisions at all times.

Reworking Your Finances

Is it necessary to do decoupling? Can a simple refinancing on your current property solve your ABSD problem? Should you clear your current loan before buying your 2nd property? Let us work out for you your finances so that we can propose the best restructuring option best suited to your current situation.

Mortgage Loan Comparisons

Other than ensuring that your finances are properly worked out, we have strong connections with mortgage brokers who at times are able to give you special interest rates better than what is available on market.

Mortgage Loan Refinancing Strategies

Some home owners are not aware that refinancing their mortgage loan is also a process where they can maximize their finances. By constantly keeping our clients updated on the latest interest rates, you will not miss that best rate in town anymore.

Law Firm Recommendations

We will also guide you through the legal processes involved and recommend law firms which are reputable and reliable to handle your entire Buy / Sell / Upgrade process.

Movers / Renovation Contractors

Previous contractor didn’t do a good job? Movers calling in last minute to cancel the job? Well, let us recommend you reliable and reputable contacts! Our approach is to provide our clients a complete experience so we’re always ready to step out of our basic job scopes to add value to our clients in every ways possible.

Restructuring and further strengthening your property portfolio is our forte. Talk to us today!

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