Proven instrument with highest potential for Capital Appreciation.
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Upcoming / Top Selling New Launches

Which are the top selling new launch projects this month? Why are other buyers buying into these projects? Are there any good and competitively priced projects launching soon? We have all these info at the back of our hand to ensure that our clients are always updated and well informed.

Executive Condo vs Private Condo

Is an EC worth to buy? Are there any major advantages or disadvantages between an EC vs a Private? Which is a better investment? Well, we can only say that both are good products but they cater to 2 very different groups of buyers. It really boils down to what your needs and objectives are at the current moment.

BUC Processes & Timeline

How is the timeline like buying a BUC (building under construction) property? Must I sell off my current property first? How much ABSD do I have to pay? Rest assure that all your doubts and concerns will be answered and we will work out a personalised timeline for you to ensure that everything will flow seamlessly.

Studying the Master Plan

Most people aren’t aware that our government’s Master Plan is like a cheat sheet for property investors. To be 2 steps ahead of others, we dedicate time and effort to study and analyze the Master Plan in depth so as to identify the areas with high potential for growth in the next 5 to 10 years.

Exploring Your Finances

Other than conducting a detailed financial assessment, we will also explore into all areas possible to sweeten your purchase. Are there any strategies we can adopt to minimize your overall cash outlay? Is it possible to avoid paying ABSD? Can your monthly mortgage be reduced? Let us impress you with your knowledge.

Mortgage Loan Comparisons

Other than ensuring that you’re looking at the right projects and your finances are properly worked out, we have strong connections with mortgage brokers who at times are able to give you special interest rates better than what is available on market.

Law Firm Recommendations

We will also guide you through the legal processes involved and recommend law firms which are reputable and reliable to carry out conveyancing work for you throughout the entire buying process.

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