80% of Singaporeans live in HDB. But is it an asset?
Should you be holding onto it if you can upgrade comfortably & safely?

HDB (Proud Home of Singaporeans)

80% of Singaporeans live in HDB and it is usually the 1st property for most locals. Price is very affordable and space is good but is HDB really an asset? Is it advisable for us to hold onto it for long term? Should you go for BTO or Resale? Let us give you all the answers you need.

HDB Rules / Eligibility / Grants

Classified under subsidized housing, HDB is only available for Singaporeans & PRs. There are also a lot more rules, eligibility criteria, ethnic quota criteria, etc which you must be aware of before buying or selling a HDB. Is your buyer an eligible buyer? Do you have to pay back the Housing Grants you’ve gotten when you bought your HDB? Do you know when a Resale Levy is applicable? Leave all these in our good hands and rid yourself of all these headaches.

HDB Sale Processes & Timeline

Can I upgrade to an EC or Private while holding onto my HDB? Can ABSD be avoided? Will I have enough time to renovate my new place before moving over? Don’t worry! We will work out a personalised timeline for you to ensure that every part of the process is taken care of and you will be able to upgrade to your new place smoothly and seamlessly.

HDB Upgrading Strategies

We will explore and discuss with you all the upgrading strategies which are best suited to your current needs and objectives. Is quality of life for your family more important than capital appreciation? Is this purchase for ownstay or investment? Are you planning for passive income? We will go though everything with you so that you will be confident and assured going forward.

Upgrade Without Any Additional Cash Required

Is this really possible? Yes! But of course it really depends if your current property is making a profit or loss. The idea of not requiring to fork out any additional cash is because the initial outlay required for upgrading is covered using the profit from your current property. We can only know what’s your situation like after going through a detailed financial assessment with you.

Upgrade for Passive Income / Early Retirement

When do you plan to retire? What will happen if you’re unable to work one day? Is retirement really a thing for most Singaporeans? With early and proper planning on your properties, having a passive income or even early retirement is indeed something that is achievable.

Latest Transaction Data & Market Analysis

How has the HDB market performed over the last 10 years? Is it the right time for me to upgrade now? Should you seriously consider the offer that just came in for your unit? With the latest transactions data and market statistics at our fingertips, you can be assured that you will be making correct and well informed decisions at all times.

Assessing Your Finances

We have to be frank. Upgrading from a HDB to a Private may not be suitable for some home owners and we never like our clients to overstretch their finances and be overexposed to risk. One should only upgrade in a comfortable and safe environment and it is our duty to conduct a detailed financial assessment for you to assess your suitability.

HLE Loan vs Bank Loan

Yes, interest rate is very important when taking a loan but do you know what are the other main differences between a HDB Loan vs Private Bank Loan? Depending on your needs, objectives and finances, we will give you proper guidance and let you know which one is more suitable for your purchase.

HDB Lawyer / Private Law Firm

Depending on what your next purchase is, how your timeline is planned, or due to some other considerations, you may have to engage a private law firm instead of using HDB’s law firm. Not to worry, we will be with you throughout the entire process to ensure that your legal processes are handled properly.

Movers / Renovation Contractors

Need a good renovation contractor? Not sure where to find a reliable mover? Well, we got that covered too! What we’re providing for our client is an overall upgrading experience so we’ll ensure that all your concerns and worries will be well taken care of.

Upgrading is not purely for improvement of lifestyle or for ‘face’. It is also a strategy to let your property work for you towards early retirement. Make an appointment with us today to find out more!

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