Listening & understanding what you need.
Clients’ needs is our #1 priority.

How do we ensure that our clients can upgrade comfortably & safely?

01. Listening to Your Needs

Most important step in the entire process. Everyone has different needs at different life stages and we can only work towards the best interest of our clients by knowing your immediate needs.

02. Understanding Your Objectives

Is this property purchase for ownstay? Is it for investment purposes? What's the time horizon you are looking at? Is comfort more important than capital appreciation? These are all important factors for decision making later on.

03. Detailed Financial Assessment

Conducting a detailed financial assessment will make it crystal clear how much Cash / CPF / Loan you require for your property purchase. It will also allow us to identify the best options available for you.

04. Restructing / Strategizing

Next will be to explore the best strategies going forward. Can you avoid paying ABSD? Is it necessary to do a decoupling? Should you go for a New Launch or Resale? We will be exploring and discussing all these strategies with you.

05. Identifying Your Best Option

After going through the brainstorming process. We will be able to identify the best option for you specifically catered to your needs, objectives and finances. It will be a tailored made proposal just for you.

06. Panning Out The Timeline

One can plan and plan but achieve nothing without execution. With a clear and concise timeline, you will feel confident and be assured that the plan will proceed smoothly and seamlessly.

07. Safety Net Planning

A plan is never complete without contingency planning. Here, we will plan out a Safety Net Cash / CPF Usage Plan so that you won't need to worry about your mortgage payments during not-so-good times.

08. Exit Strategy

While Buying right is core, knowing when to Exit is equally important. Knowing when to cash out & reinvest the funds allows you to grow your wealth over and over again!

This systematic approach of ours has benefited a lot of our clients. Be the next to benefit from it!

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